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High Quality
As a result of our long history as an FDA compliant facility, we have our systems well in place and we're able to ensure high quality delivery. Our customer survey results consistently show great satisfaction with our quality

Complete Automated Manufacturing Capabilities
MML can create automated equipment for your specialized assembly and packaging needs, providing direct control and rapid turnaround for your product. This is particularly important for swiftly launching new products.

MML is different from many businesses, in that we do not have an array of finished products from which a customer can select. Instead, our business is built upon the areas of contract manufacturing and private label packaging.

While we are known primarily for our wide variety of private label swab collection kits, we also manufacture, assemble, and package many different types of medical devices, almost entirely to specifications provided to us by our customers.

We have full capability to formulate reagents, preservatives, buffer solutions and transport mediums of various types. We fill, cap, and label containers, tubes and vials. We assemble products both manually and using automation. We have a variety of packaging equipment allowing flexibility in the custom design of a customer's finished package.

Contact us to discuss your unique medical device assembly and packaging requirements. We would welcome any discussion in this regard.

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