Key Employees

Dale Pestes, President

In the mid- 1980's Dale took over as president of the company originally
founded by his father in 1964, Dale is trained as a civil engineer and MML has
doubled in size under his leadership, while also expanding capabilities to
efficiently meet client needs.

Lynn Creitz, Vice President of Operations

Lynn, a microbiologist with a master's degree in biology, oversees operations
and is MML's key regulatory affairs contact. He is involved in all interactions
with the FDA and with customer audits, ensuring smooth operations and good
communications back to customers.

Larry Bullock, Material Manager

Larry serves as client contact to help ensure that all facets of each project
run smoothly, form concept to scheduling to delivery. He has been with the
company for mare than 13 years, developing efficient and creative systems.
He is a member of APICF, the Association of Production and Inventory Control.

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