Company History

MML Diagnostics Packaging is a privately held corporation, formed by Neil and Ruth Pestes in 1964 near Portland, Oregon.

The company is a contract manufacturer of medical and non-medical devices. As a medical device manufacturer, it is regulated by part 820 of Title 21 of the CFR. It is registered with and inspected by the the United States regulatory agency. It is also inspected by its customers and by European notified bodies.

The company began as a manufacturer of diverse microbiological culture media, primarily for use in the field of clinical microbiology. This included both tubed and plated media. MML was the first commercial manufacturer of prepared culture media west of the Mississippi River.

Formulation, dispensing and packaging of the media products was MMLís entire business until 1978-1980. During this time more rapid diagnostic tests were being developed and accepted, particularly for Sexually Transmitted Diseases. MML began transitioning out of culture media in general into the manufacture of specimen collection systems that were compatible with these new assays. MML developed and patented a unique transport tube and developed a diagnostic collection swab, both of which were very successful. Over the past 20 years the collection system has evolved and diversified and continues to be in strong demand. Many of the major diagnostics companies use this system or a variation of it.

Within the past 8-10 years, because of customer requests, MML began diversifying into contract manufacturing of both medical and non-medical products. MML is able to formulate, dispense, and or machine assemble and package a customerís product. One of MMLís strongest assets is its ability to adapt to the manufacturing specifications for new product requests and the associated private labeling. Nearly all the products MML now manufactures are privately labeled for the customer.

MML built its current facility in Troutdale, Oregon in 1990. MML owns the building and the land outright. Since that time the building has been expanded three times. MML owns sufficient property upon which it can further expand, as it becomes necessary.

Another advantage MML offers its customers is its ability to quickly create automated machinery and associated tooling that will do many of the required manufacturing processes. About 15 years ago MML made the investment to create a separate company, APCO Technologies, which manufactures custom automation equipment. This allows MML to give high priority and rapid turn around time for building automation equipment so a customerís project can be on line as quickly as possible.

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