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Leading Outsourced Manufacturer & Packager

of In Vitro Diagnostics (IVD) and Single-use Medical Devices

known for making critical specimen collection swabs, DNA collection swabs, reagents, transport kits and other devices used in in vitro diagnostic and other medical products.

Who We Are

Trusted Vendor to Leading Diagnostic and
Medical Device Companies

In business for almost 60 years, beginning as one of the first commercial manufacturers of prepared microbiological culture media products. The Company developed some of the first automated dispensing equipment for microbiological products. Over the years, it diversified into the contract design, manufacturing and packaging of various medical devices, made and packaged under the customer’s private label.

We pride ourselves on regulatory compliance and service quality. MML Diagnostic Packaging, Inc. is FDA registered CE Accredited and ISO 13485.

In Vitro Diagnostics and Medical Devices

Automated Equipment for Your Specialized Assembly and Packaging Needs.

MML can create automated equipment for your specialized assembly and packaging needs, providing direct control and rapid turnaround for your product. This is particularly important for swiftly launching new products.

While we are known primarily for our wide variety of private label swab collection kits, we also manufacture, assemble, and package many different types of medical devices, almost entirely to specifications provided to us by our customers.

Custom Vial Filling and Labeling

Specimen Collection Swabs and Kits

Sterile Barrier Packaging

Trusted by Global
health organizations

Our trusted medical professionals and partners are dedicated experts in diagnostics and medical devices, ensuring the highest standards of care and innovation.

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