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Since more than 60 years MML Diagnostics Packaging has reinforced its capabilities in roll-to-roll manufacturing with strong research and engineering tools to offer the largest range of services to design and manufacture custom solutions.

Design and innovation of IVD and medical device packaging processes to enhance manufacturability, efficacy and profitability.
Advanced manufacturing and packaging of saliva collection and other specimen collection systems.
Specimen collection transport kits.
Advanced formulation, manufacturing and dispensing of reagents, preservatives, buffer solutions and transport media.
Expert assembly of a wide variety of single use medical devices and in vitro diagnostic devices.
Advanced form-fill-seal pouching and labeling.
Kitting and boxing.
Packaging of wound dressings, laminar flow strips, forensic swabs and many other medical products – devices and diagnostics.
Customized and private label products to customers specs.
Production design and development.
Supply chain management .
Sterile Barrier Packing .
Packaging Design and Development.
Packaging and other Validation.
Packaging Technologies and Equipment.
Packaging Services.
Sterilization management.
Medical device and diagnostic automated machinery development.
Automated Equipment Design and development.